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Factory information

Zhongda United Holding Group Co.,Ltd.was first established in 1964.After years of efforts,it is now an ISO9001,ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 qualified enterprise with more than 3000 employees and total area of 478,000 square meters.In 2021,the company' s total the export volume reached $138 million. 

ZDI SUPPLIES(HAIYAN) Co.,Ltd is one of Zhongda United Holding Group’s subsidiaries, which was officially established in 2006,locating in Jiaxing city,Zhejiang,China.

With first-class products, professional sales, and procurement team, perfect after-sales service, ZDI SUPPLIES(HAIYAN) Co.,Ltd is committed to developing into an international comprehensive high-quality department. 

At present, our main products are household or heavy storage products including metal shelves&rack, wooden cabinets, bamboo products and hardwares. 

Meeting customer requirements, continuous improvement and innovation, perfect after-sales service, and winning customer satisfaction are our goals. In the actual business operation process, we are always customer-oriented and try our best to meet the reasonable requirements of customers. While safeguarding the interests of customers, we actively create our own brand "BAAB ORGANIZING" and take the transliteration “Baibu” ."Baibu", just because we are "rooted" in Baibu.With our brand going abroad, We have always been at the forefront and strive to create an international comprehensive company. 

We have accumulated very valuable foreign-related experience in the complex international trade environment, and can better serve the development strategy of "Hundred Years Zhongda".